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Convention!       Convention!!      Convention!!!

Calling on All Amaigbo Youth

It’s that time again…Convention time! Amaigbo Town Union-USA, Inc. (our parent organization), is having its 2015 convention in Kansas City, the “Show Me” city. And once again, Amaigbo Youth Association is excited to be a part of this year’s convention. We are gearing up for a spectacular showing of fantastic, fun-filled events and activities in the “Show Me” city. Below are some of the events and activities the youth association has in store for you:

Ø  T-shirts and wristbands – Spectacularly designed (by one of our own members) T-shirts and wristbands commemorating this years’ convention

Ø  Scavenger hunt – the younger members of the youth program will participate and enjoy this culturally tuned activity

Ø  Contests – members of the association will debate some thought provoking issues and topics of the day

Ø  “Getting to know you…” – our grown up members will get together to chat amongst themselves (issues relating to Amaigbo) and unwind…in this “a night in town” event.

Ø  Traditional tour of the city – Ever been to "Worlds of Fun…?” This year’s tour of the city will be at “Worlds of Fun.” It’s everything you have ever wanted to know about having fun!

Ø  “BBQ anyone…?” – Barbecue eating contest Kansas City style. This is sponsored by our youth league in KC. 

                                         Amaigbo Youth Association

Activities and Events for Amaigbo Convention Kansas City - 2015


Thursday, July 2, 2015

·         5.00-7.00PM:  Registration of Youth members – Early arrivals will be registered and tote bags (containing T-shirts, wristbands, etc.) will be distributed.

·         Cost: T-shirts = $10.00 for members that registered online. $15.00 for those not registered online.

·         Wristbands are $1.00 each.

·         There will be networking and light refreshment served following registration.

·         Number of persons needed: 3 persons will be assigned for registration


Friday, July 3, 2015

8.00-9.00AM  (Breakfast & registration concomitantly): Registration continues


10.00-12.00 Breakout sessions: 3 groups according to age range

·         8-11 age group: Scavenger hunt; teach Nigerian/Amaigbo lesson(s); board game(s); puzzles

·         12-15 age group: Panel set-up – culturally oriented panel discussion

·         Topics: “Who they are…” “What village they come from…” “The meaning of their names – 1st name, middle name, last name…”

·         16+ age range: Panel set-up – Debate(s) on relevant topics (Igbo customs & traditions, etc.)

·         *AYA members will conduct and steer the discussions


5.00-9.00PM  “Barbecue Get-Together…Getting to know you”

17+ age group AYA members will convene at a designated park/place for BBQ and conversation; this is a part of the “Getting to know you…” theme. AYA members will conduct this get-together themselves and led by the Kansas City trio of Promise Nwaneri, Jennifer Oledibe, and Magdalene Obiefule.


Saturday, July 4, 2015

8.00-8.45AM  Breakfast and roll call

8.50-9.15AM: “Get on the bus…!”

9.30AM Bus departs from hotel to designated tour place (Worlds of Fun).

10.15AM: Fun events begin

1.00PM: Lunch will be served at the place

3.30PM: Tour ends and return to hotel

4.30PM: AYA general assembly hosted by… (Mr. Funny himself – Leslie OSUALA)

4.50PM: AYA welcomes AMAIGBO people - Amaigbo 36 villages represented

5.00PM: Address of AYA by the ATU-USA president

5.45PM Vote of Thanks – Assembly closing ceremony.



Topics for panel discussion


Age group 14-17

1. What does your name mean to you?

2. How do you classify yourself or see yourself in terms of race/ethnicity?

3. Do you see your racial/ethnic identity different from Blacks/African-Americans?

4. When you think of Nigeria/Africa, what first comes to your mind?

5. Do you think that the way the media (TV shows, news, movies, articles) depicts Africa or Africans is correct?

6. Could you see yourself living in Nigeria/Africa?

7. What do you fear most about going back to Nigeria?

8. What do you do that makes you feel connected to Nigeria?

9. If you could maintain one aspect of your culture (being partly a Nigerian and partly an American Ex: language/food), what would it be and why?

10. Have you ever encountered any ignorance towards being "American-Nigerian?"

a. If So what

b. How did it make you feel

c. How did you deal with it

d. Has it impacted the way you see yourself as an American-Nigerian (American born Nigerian).


Age group 18+

-Will be helping out with the panel discussions


Panel Judges

v Kingdom Nwaneri,

v Adaugo Nwaneri (singing anthem also)

v Charles Oduocha (Tentative)

v Queenette Ohaya












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Amaigbo youths pay dues : $10/20





 Parent Coordinators of the Amaigbo Youth Association

·         Lolo Chinyere Azuakolam                       Boston                 Prince IK Nwosu           Los Angeles

·         Peace Adaugo Ezirim-Ekwunife         Chicago                Queenette Ohaya         Atlanta

·         “Adaigbo” Bernadette Nwanguma   Baltimore           Cash Ezimako                 Houston                                             


                               LEADERSHIP OF AMAIGBO YOUTH ASSOCIATION 

   Wesley Ofonagoro, Amaigbo Youth President 

 Chinelo Udokoro, Amaigbo Youth Vice President

Uchechi Etumnu, Amaigbo Youth Secretary 

 Stephanie Nwaneri, Amaigbo Youth Treasuer 

 Chiamaka Olewuenyi, Amaigbo Youth Public Relations Officer 

 Magdalen Obiefule, Kansas City Youth Representative 

Promise Nwaneri, Kansas City Youth Representative